In the second episode of the Sonic Entanglements podcast, I speak with Vincent Kuitenbrouwer about the history of early radio broadcasting in colonial Indonesia. We listen to recordings of some of the first radio transmissions from the Netherlands to what was then called the “Dutch East Indies”. Vincent talks about how the Dutch used radio as a tool of imperialism, and how this project failed. 


Vincent Kuitenbrouwer is Senior Lecturer History of International Relations. Vincent’s research focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century imperial history and has a special interest in colonial media, particularly radio broadcasting. He currently coordinates the project 'Media War' on propaganda in Dutch-language media during the Second World War at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. 


Sonic Entanglements is hosted and produced by meLê yamomoThijs van den Geest is our sound engineer and sound editor, and Jean Barcena is our publicity manager. Our theme music is created by Markus Hoogervorst. Special thanks to Harry van Biessum, Erik Lucassen, and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision for the archival recordings. This podcast is funded by the Dutch Research Organization. For more information, visit 

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